About SpeedSales

Who We Are

Speedsales.co was founded by Sam KS Sayanthan and Nicholas Gordon-Harris in 2017. They wanted to create a multibrand/ multi-category sales platform that is beneficial for both the brand and the end consumer. They noticed the sales industry weren't offering a tailored and personal experience for the consumers and wanted to fill that void. With backgrounds in Retail and fashion respectively they knew first hand what consumers are looking for and in the modern online retail era they strive to redefine and improve good customer service.


Speedsales was born August 2017. We are a mutibrand/muticategory clearance platform that gifts our suppliers the perfect discrete environment in which to sell excess inventory directly to end customers.

A personal touch

We also work hard to ensure we build strong relationships with our partner brands. We want to ensure that our brands are represented well with creative, engaging content that will help build brand loyalty between the brand and the consumer.

Would you like to work with us?

If you want to work with info@speedsales.co please contact the buying team at: info@speedsales.co.

How we Help you to clear your stock:

  • We will consign stock from our partner brands.
  • Professional photos are taken to create a tailored sales platform for your brand.
  • We Only sell to our members ensuring your brand is protected.
  • Once your stock is in our possession , we handle all deliveries and returns to our customers.
  • We provide useful feedback to our brands regarding sales performance and strategy that can help aide sales and clearance in the future.